Buyer Representation


There are a wide range of preferences between doctors, as to what the desired practice should include. We asses those needs our clients and work to find the perfect fit. However specific desires are not always equal. Think of buying a house. There are certain aspects that will absolutely need to be met in order to consider making an offer. Location, square footage, and price are chief among those. Buying a practice is similar and yet, not as strait forward. We employ our over 30 years of experience to guide a prospective buyer to understand what they actually need, before they consider any specific practice.

Appraisal Review

We apply our specific methodology to check the price and viability of a practice. Many doctors will list a price that they think is fair. It may indeed seem like a fair valuation to them. They likely have employed an agent who will prepare a fair, accurate valuation of the practice. But it may not be fair to you. Buying a practice is as much about insuring that the value is fair as it is insuring that a buyer can actually turn a profit after they take over the practice. With our Appraisal Review we show exactly how the business needs to operate financially in order to grow. Unlike real estate the value of the practice after transition depends entirely on the buyer. Therefore it is incumbent upon the Buyer to have a specific plan to grow the practice before entering into any transaction. We work closely with our Buyers to ensure they can confidently take on a new practice.


Once the buyer has found the perfect fit and agreed upon the price, critical details emerge. These details determine just how good of a deal a Buyer receives. Some of these aspects include, who owns accounts receivable after closing, who bears the cost of rework, and how the payments structured. We employ our 30 plus years of practice transitions to ensure that both side of the transaction come out feeling positive about those decisions.

Legal Representation

We are lawyers. Included in the price of our services is full legal representation throughout the entire buying process. All contracts, negotiations and legal necessities are taken care of in house. This saves money and time, as we will not have to rely on or, communicate with another lawyer.

Selling dental practices for more than 30 years across every region of Texas, including successful transactions in key markets like Houston, Austin, and Dallas.
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