Office Leases


Whether you are a start-up practice or an existing practice, the office lease largely determines the viability of your practice in the first few years of ownership.

Whether you are a start-up practice or an existing practice looking to relocate or renew its lease, the dental practice office lease is paramount in determining your viability as a practice. Our Team regularly represents dental practices with the review and negotiation of dental practice office leases.

Generally, no two proposed draft leases are the same. And yet the two main areas that lessors will focus on are rent and term. While these are important to know, they are only part of a well-crafted lease agreement. When reviewing and negotiating leases, our lawyers pay special attention to assignment provisions, relocation clauses, maintenance fees and, exclusivity clauses. If the landlord can say cancel the lease early or raise rates, your lease should reflect that the financial terms that are negotiated. With proper guidance, your operational needs will be supported by the lease and numerous other important topics. A sound office lease will play an important role when it comes time to sell your practice in the future.

In addition to representing tenants in office lease negotiations, our attorneys represent real estate owners, including owner dentists, with the preparation and negotiation of office leases. Our focus is ensuring that your real estate asset is preserved and maintained and that you enjoy a successful relationship with your landlord or tenant.

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